powerbuilder 11 kicks out Appeon

I just finished a free webinar about Preview: Upcoming .Net Capabilities in PowerBuilder 11.0. It seems Sybase is going to kick out Appeon offically. Sybase just release workspace 1.5 based on converting datawindow to JSF (Java Server Faces) component recently, which already knocked EAF away. Be  so mean to partners must be a part of reason why Sybase is in jepardy in 21st century.


2 thoughts on “powerbuilder 11 kicks out Appeon

  1. Of course this turned out to be nonsense… It’s more than 12 months later and Sybase is now actually selling Appeon itself in North America… 🙂

  2. Uh – PB 11, 11.5 didn’t scale very well for our application. we even worked with sybase in china to get things fixed – in the end it’s nice if you have simple applications – but needs more work… don’t use OCX controls – it doesn’t work with them… i think the attempt is great – just not sure if you can take PB and really move it to .net for real… appeon works. not sure about using the datawindow for .net and if that would save time…

    in the end we did the pb -> winform version w/o much issue – but the pb->.net we couldn’t get it good enough to really trust it in a customer environment.

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