Updates to FIT with Ruby

When following Cory Foy’s tutorial, I found some updates.

  1. There is no Ruby.zip in either fitnesse or rubyforge. After install the gem from rubyforge, (gem install and rake) I didn’t see FitServer.rb appear in ruby\bin folder. (probably he was in Linux) Later, I figured out this ruby.zip is not needed any more.
  2. As README in RubyFIT gem said, the configure of command pattern should look like this:

!define COMMAND_PATTERN {/path/to/ruby/ruby -I %p -I /path/to/RubyFIT/lib

Of course, if ruby is in path, the first ‘/path/to/ruby’ is not necessary.

Everything else works OK, and I didn’t see that ugly error when I first run. Without “!path C:\tmp\ruby”, my test page just kept as clean as an empty one. Such a good improvement made me confused at first, not use to no-error test yet.


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