dotnet on Rails – MonoRail

I was reading a book Pro Spring, which covers DI (Dependency Injection) and MVC on Java. I had the same feeling with peterkrantz, yes, too much configuration works. Rails is way better than that. How can succeed?

Then I started looking for MVC framework, somebody is talking about MonoRail, others prefer, and castle… Finally, I realized that MonoRail is a part of castle open source project. In fact, I needed to install Castle Project assemblies to start playing with MonoRail.

After 2 hours lab, I was so pleased by its similarity to Ruby On Rails. Hope one day MS will adopt it as its official MVC framework to

I had some compiling error/warning in my VS2005. “XML document cannot contain multiple root level elements.” in most of my vm(view) files, “Invalid token ‘Text’ at root level of document. ” for “#if($Flash.error)” statement. The web app runs OK with those errors. Later I removed those vm files and re-created one by one by selecting file type as ‘plain text’ instead of ‘HTML’, suddenly, all the errors went away.


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