n-tier in dotNet

Server side or component programming in dotnet is more complicated than in PB/EAServer, lots of concerns, such as life cycle management, reliability, state management, scalability, and security… I have already started to miss Jaguar manager. What a nice admin tool!

For web app, there are many options, say MonRail, but developers won’t get webform’s drog-drop features in vm views. Almost the same problem about pb datawindow.

Yes, asp.net is not a true MVC, but,

Yes, even MS does not claim ASPX as a true MVC. They would like it to be called as MVP (Model View Presenter). Actually view & controller are tightly coupled in ASPX. This violates the original concept of MVC preached & shipped by JAVA/STRUTS world. But MS answer is that in most of the deployment scenarios the controller happens to be tied to a framework/technology and cannot be generic enough. Mean to say that a controller written for web application cannot be used in another client server application context. Also they claim that writing generic controller would lead to the introduction of more layers in the request processing and could be a real killer in some situations. — girish,  a dotnet expert

For desktop app, rich client or thick client, distribute seems to be the only way to implement MVC, MVP?

DotNet Remoting is old fashion, WCF is 20-30% faster but is also too new:

WCF is part of .NET 3.0 and requires .NET 2.0, so it can only run on operation systems that support it. Presently this list consists of Windows Vista (client and server), Windows XP SP2, and Windows Server 2003 SP1 or their later versions.



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