PBUnit, hard to love, had to use

I ran into pbUnit yesterday, an open source project on Sybase code exchange. The version I downloaded is 3.1, I had to fix the folder name with space problem which stoped loading my complex pb library. After hours of hard work, I started to enjoy unit test fun! In PowerBuilder! A few bugs have been located in seconds. Wow! What a great modern tool for this legacy language!


I wish its interface could be similar to NUnit, like tree view, command line, etc… then I found there is a newer version 3.2 available. But it didn’t even load the full target list to me.

I think I have to spend some time more on this hard-to-love-had-to-use toy, at lease to make it support command line, maybe Nunit formatted error result, so I can hook PBUnit test to CuriseControl eventually.

God bless me. Am I the only man using PBUnit in the world?


15 thoughts on “PBUnit, hard to love, had to use

  1. The website is just my company’s site. I am no longer a developer, at least not a PowerBuilder developer. However, I manage four developers and am wondering if you are still working with pbUnit. If you are do you have any more comments. We are using PowerBuilder 10.5 and are about to migrate to 11.


  2. I am working on power builder 10.5 version,as well as power builder 8.0 version,When I used the PBUnit 3.1 tool then this tool automatically take the Power Builder 8.0 target’s and working good.but now I want to do work with Power Builder 10.5 Version.so please give me the suggestion Which Version of PBUnit is supported to the Power Builder 10.5 version.

  3. I am working on power builder 10.5 version,please give me the suggestion which version of PBUNIT is supported to power builder 10.5 version.

  4. I m trying out Powerunit. I use PB 12. When i try to run the exe, I get an error that PBVM115 was not found. Any help is appreciated.

  5. I haven’t got chance to release PowerUnit for PB12 yet, you can download sourcecode and compile it under PB12 to give it a try. Or try to find a PB115 project to experience PowerUnit a little bit.

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