Lost in patterns

Steve Yang told me on Saturday, MVP might not be the popular dotNet Enterprise Application pattern anymore, once MicroSoft release MSMVC and acropolis earlier next year. In fact, MVP looks like a temporary solution for dotNet Enterprise apps.

I heard about acropolis before but don’t know too many details. It comes with a new term called composite application framework. But from the dotNet community forum, it seems very few developers are looking forward to this new toy. Actually, some posts even made a conclusion, acropolis is dead.

My question is, if MS is going to promote MSMVC in webForms, and probably acropolis in winForms. How to share code/login between those two? Another guy posted a similar question on MS forum. Surprise, no reply yet!

This related post also discouraged me pretty much for looking into acropolis.


2 thoughts on “Lost in patterns

  1. Just a quick clarification (the “acropolis is dead” post was mine): Acropolis was a CTP – that is, Community Technology Preview – that has ended. Composite Applications are alive and well, and have a bright future. Some of the choices currently available include the Smart Client Software Factory, Composite Application Blocks, and CCF. The goals of Acropolis continue to be on the roadmap, it’s just that the roadmap has been unified with core development on future versions of .NET.

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