NCover and NAnt

I was frustrated after n days of failure configure NCover with NAnt. NCover can only regonize the assembly build by VSS, not the one by NAnt.

Today I looked into NCoverage.log, I am supprised this error is not in console.

 MESSAGE:   Failed to load symbols for module [C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP\Local Settings\Temp\nunit20\ShadowCopyCache\…

NCover said I need provide pdb file for it. Then the NAnt script should look like this:

    <target name=”compile” depends=””>
<csc output=”${compile.dir}\${enterprisepatterns.lib}” target=”library” rebuild=”true” debug=”true”>
<sources refid=”project.lib.references” />
<references refid=”deploy.lib.fileset”/>

During this debug period, I found Kyle Belay’s suggestion, (he said it was JP’s idea),  build a single huge dll for unit-test usage, this really release me from writing the very complex NAnt script work. Thank both of you, Kyle and JP.


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