Discuss around CSLA

To CSLA or Not CSLA – Your Thoughts? People with CSLA experience are talking.

There is failed experience with CSLA and Magenic as well.

People are trying to use CSLA with NHibernate. In which the only comment seems reverse, I am doing the same thing, passing DTO between DAL and BO. Somebody even used CSLA + NHibernate + CAB/SCSF.

There is another guy doing CSLA + NHibernate, don’t know the result yet.

Some people are using CSLA + subsonic. no detail info available.

This guy, Patrick, is also using CSLA + NHiernate, his project layout is very interesting. Patrick is also using MVP pattern with CSLA, can wait to see his example code for this. In fact, what Patrick is working on is an open source project called Domain Builder on code plex.

Rocky’s response to CSLA + DAL:

CSLA .NET is not an object-relational mapping technology. I have very specifically avoided ORM concepts in the framework, in the hopes that someone (like Microsoft) would eventually provide an elegant and productive solution to the problem. Obviously solutions do exist today: raw ADO.NET, , the DAAB, nHibernate, Paul Wilson’s ORM mapper, LLBLgen and more. Many people use these various technologies behind CSLA .NET, and that’s awesome.

So looking forward, I see a bright future. One where the DataPortal_XYZ methods either directly make use of ADO.NET EF and LINQ, or call a data access layer (DAL) that makes use of those technologies to build and return entity objects.

Either way, you can envision this future where the DP_XYZ methods primarily interact with entity objects, deferring all the actual persistence work off to EF/LINQ code. If Microsoft lives up to the promise with EF and LINQ, this model should seriously reduce the complexity of data access, resulting in more developer productivity – giving us more time to focus on the important stuff: object-oriented design ;) .

Lots of developers work very hard to Unit test CSLA BO.

Most of Rocky’s developers don’t like TDD and DDD, more DDD/Alt.Net geeks look down at CSLA either.


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