Generic CSLA Authorization Rules

Instead of hardcode in client side, it makes sense to read those authorization setting from db or xml file. Here is my idea:

        public static bool CanGetObject()

            return MyAuthorization.GetReadersRoleListOnObject(_typeOfCurrentObject)
                .Where(role => Csla.ApplicationContext.User.IsInRole(role) == true)
                .Count() > 0;


        protected override void AddAuthorizationRules()
            foreach (var prop in GetType().GetProperties().Where( a => a.DeclaringType.Name != "BusinessBase"))

            ... same loop for AllowWrite() ...


Many reflections used here, the performance might be slow.

Also, the AuthorizationRules.AllowExecute(methodname, roles) seems hard to use reflection to get the method list.


One thought on “Generic CSLA Authorization Rules

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