Looking for Cookie, ForceClick?

I created a podcast which needs get file from an internet network drive provider. I found a good post explaining how to cheat this provider by passing WGet using a cookie option. But I was having a hard time to get this cookie from that site. I tried all kind of different options in wget, and curl, neither one works.

Last night, when I was doing the normal hunting for cookie, I realized this cookie is not generated by post-form or get-request, instead it’s generated by my clicking on the actual link. Javascript!?

Finally, I found that cookie is hidden in the page, as an setkey javascript function. Gee, what a high technology they are using to force user clicking the link when downloading.

During this procedure, I learned some very useful tips,

  1. An great add-on to firefox, Live Http header
  2. WGet, Curl advance options, to save cookie, save header, debug output, print server responce etc.

I also damaged my old Toshiba 4220 laptop by accident during this hunting. This old machine used to be my primary ruby and php coding workstation, but now with pcmcia slot broken, it’s too old to do any developing work any more, hunting for next one.


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