This is  a new feature from Csla 3.6, which is trying to make Csla more TDD friendly.


DataPortal_XYZ methods can be moved into your own ObjectFactory class, BO will look a little bit thinner. Yes, you can now make BO contructor to be public, ( in standard csla way BO’s ctor should be private), if you are tired of using Activator.CreateInstance.

Because now you have full control to this ObjectFactory, and this class is not static, you can mock it when unit-testing UI/Presenter. But, the default usage of ObjectFactory doesn’t support Interface. Fortunately,  Rocky allow you to create your own FactoryLoader, by setting it into your app.conifg to redirect:

<add key=”CslaObjectFactoryLoader” value=”YourNameSpace.YourFactoryLoader, YourAssembly” />

Ryan Kelley is using this tech to create his GenericFactoryLoader in his ProjectTrackerHybrid demo.

We have lots of Stored Procedures to deal with, so create a base AbstactObjectFactory is very hard. So I changed Ryan’s GenericFactoryLoader to make it not taking generic interface.

Here is what I tried:

        public virtual Type GetFactoryType(string factoryConnectionString)
            if (factoryConnectionString == null)
                throw new ArgumentNullException("factoryConnectionString");


            var factoryTypeName = parser.FactoryType;

            // parser doesn't work , use csla default ObjectFactoryLoader
            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(factoryTypeName))
                return new ObjectFactoryLoader().GetFactoryType(factoryConnectionString);

            return Type.GetType(factoryTypeName);

        public virtual object GetFactory(string factoryName)
            var factoryType = GetFactoryType(factoryName);
            if (factoryType.IsInterface)
                return StructureMap.ObjectFactory.GetInstance(factoryType);

            return new ObjectFactoryLoader().GetFactory(factoryName);


[CslaFactory("Factory Type=MyFactory.ICityFactory")]
// Classic way to declare ObjectFactory
//    [CslaFactory("MyFactory.CityFactory, MyFactory")]
public class CityBO :BusinessBase<CityBO>


2 thoughts on “Csla.ObjectFactory

  1. Frank,

    Looks pretty good, the good thing about the ObjectFactory stuff is that it is implemented very loosely so everyone can bend it to their will and still have it work with Csla data portal.

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