Enable DataGrid Header-Clicking Sorting

Most search results  said the header-clicking-sorting feature comes internally with dotNet Framework. But for some reason I just could make this happen, until I read an old article on MSDN about custom data binding, which kept mentioning about Rocky. And the reason is very simple, programmer should bind a SortableBindingList<T> to dataGrid to make use of those internal sorting features.

Csla.EditableRootList has to be wrapped in Csla.SortedBindingList then to bind to dataGrid.

SortedBindingList has most of the functions embeded including: Add, Insert, Delete, but not Save. I need to convert SortedBingList back to EditableRootList by using it’s internal property: SourceList.

Rocky didn’t make SortedBindingList serializable for some reason. Anyway, the UI code is very simple:

        public CountryBOCollection List
                return (CountryBOCollection)
                    = new Csla.SortedBindingList(value);

I tried to move this type conversion to presenter, then I realized I need two lists in presenter: one sortable list for displaying and editing, one savable list just for saving. Presenter code is polluted just by this limitation in SortedBindingList. It looks much better by leaving type conversion still in UI, and who knows someday this limitation might go away?


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