Extract Validation rules out from CSLA BO

The first priciple of SOLID rules is SRP, it would be nice if we can extract validataion rules out from BO. And I couldn’t belive it was so easy to do implement.

The classic way:

private void AddCustomRules()
            // Custom validation
            ValidationRules.AddRule<EmailBO>(EmailRoleValidValues<EmailBO>, EmailRoleProperty, 1);


The revised version:

// EmailBO
   protected override void AddBusinessRules()

public class EmailRuleFactory
   public static void CreateOn(ValidationRules rules)
      rules.AddRule<EmailBO>(EmailRoleValidValues<EmailBO>, "EmailRole", 1);

   private static bool EmailRoleValidValues<T>(T target, Csla.Validation.RuleArgs e) where T : EmailBO

All the validation tests still passed!

Note: I had to expose protect Parent field from BusinessBase. And PropertyInfo is not available either, fortunately ValidationRules.AddRule() can still take string literal.

This might also be helpful is user wants to switch between different sets of valudation rule based on certain instance value.

We could do the same thing to AuthorizationRules which will be more meaningful. Security should definitely be built as a separated common service, instead of building into Domain Object.


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