Add Cover picture to podcast

Checked the specs for podcast from apple, the image tag or itunes:image look only for the cover page for itunes store. Set it, I still can’t see pictures.

After 50 times re-tries, I suddenly realized that the image I’m looking for is called artwork of mp3, it’s not set by podcast feed at all, it’s right in the mp3 file!!!

Scott H got the solution how to encode images into mp3. But for my case I need it running on linux.

Finally I found it, eyeD3,  a better help file can be found here.

Had to using eyeD3 to upgrade idtag to v2.3 before add cover image for itunes display purpose.

Putty is way better than the sshclient I was using. Stable, copy&paste support, and even more, colorful console!


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