workdir setup in mode



  1. Move all source file into src folder, keep pbw and pbt file in same level, otherwise PUSHOK plugin will add relative path into pbg files, which is wrong, orca will fail due to this.
  2. Add pbl into ignore list, this file keep changing and we don’t want it in repository.
  3. Create 2 build script, one for incremental build , another for full build with delete pbl, import/migrate and create exe.
  4. dist folder for distribution, should keep zip file for executable and pbls. When new member join in, after GLV from svn repository, should extra the pbl from the zip file in this folder.
  5. orca can build in offline mode, because svn will keep all the sr* file updated.
    Offline mode is only available in PB10 or above.

    start session
    scc set connect property logfile "buildfromsource.log"
    ; connect mode
    ; read scc info from workspace
    ;SCC get connect properties "pbunit.pbw" 
    ;scc connect 
    ;scc set target "pbunitgui.pbt"  OUTOFDATE 
    ;scc refresh target migrate
    ; offline mode
    ; sr* file should already in the src folder done by svn
    scc connect offline
    scc set target "pbunitgui.pbt"  IMPORTONLY
    scc refresh target migrate  
    scc close exe...

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