Embed Autodeploy PB component task to CruiseControl

Problem: Any team member can deploy PB component to EAserver from PB IDE, even if they have local code not checked in, and it’s not traceable also (not in EAServer log!). We don’t know who and when touched those component on server.

We tried to put version info in the comments field of component, but it’s not guaranteed. Developer still might forget. If EAServer administrator didn’t version that point, we couldn’t rollback to certain standpoint.

Solution: Auto-deploy from CC.net build task, which is triggered by check in. Ideally should run a test project before deploy.

Similar idea from some websphere developer. We should archieve the ear file, but the orcascript alone can generate it, so call an easerver export instead.

Orcascript command:


Don’t know how to pass userid/password to this orca command. Had to add easerver profile to CC.net machine.

Ant task:

<property name="JAGUAR" value="C:\Program Files\Sybase\EAServer6\bin" />
 <target name="export_package" depends="">
 <echo message="exporting package ..." />
 <!-- <jag_export entity="Package:My_Package" /> -->
 <delete file="jar\My_Package.jar" />
 <!-- nant change executable to program -->
 <exec executable="${JAGUAR}\jagtool.bat" >
 <arg line="-server easdevSecure -host easdev -port 9100  -user jagadmin -password pass export -dir jar/ Package:My_Package" />


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