PowerUnit changed to NAnt auto-build

Sourceforge stats shown that PowerUnit has not been updated for 2years, this is wrong! I’m currently still actively playing it. The recent changes including:

  1. Using NAnt auto-build each release. The forth part of version number is subversion revision. The lattest one is 119. The subversion repository is at https://powerunit.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/powerunit/
  2. Display PB context version of current PBUnit. Be aware that PB context version must match with the test target. If your target is different, you need to rebuild it, either use NAnt, or in your PB IDE.pbunit_ver
  3. I am using PBScc as my current subversion client, tried PushOK for awhile, it’s OK. Comparing this PBSCC, it’s almost same as old PB dev style.
    PBSCC needs a middle area as the buffer/swap between dev machine to source repository, I think some damon process is monitoring this buffer/swap folder whenver checkin happens, then commit the changes to repo behind the scene. This left the problem of my main src folder shown un-commint-changes icon, doing a diff, the base still no showing the new changes commint through PBSCC, force a update, it said finished a merge, even the src file actually not changed at all.

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