Test cascade delete using sql query

When first starting NH mapping, we just want to make sure the data is really being deleted, for cascaded child, some tricky code are needed to work around the strong relationship we created in domain entities. SqlQuery is one of those.

 public void Should_delete_email()
 // Retrieve
 Organization org = _repository.FetchById(8172);

 // Ensure org was retrieved.
 Assert.That(org, Is.Not.Null);

 var emailToAdd = new Email("Home Alternate", "x@y");

 _repository.Update(org, org.LastModifiedDate);
Assert.That(emailToAdd.Id == 0);
Assert.That(emailToAdd.Id > 0);

 // Delete

 // Ensure email data is physically deleted
 ISQLQuery query = _session.CreateSQLQuery("select * from Stakeholder_Email_CV where stakeholder_email_id = " +
 Assert.That(query.List().Count == 0);


Quite interesting testing code for NHibernate mapping.


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