Use Dos command to pull/deploy version from

When using + EAserver, we want to use pull instead of push style to deploy packages upto EAServer. Because the Cruisecontrol stores all the build result into the artifacts folder, what we need is a dos command can pull the specific version then deploy to EAServer. Here is the command I created:

@echo off
set artifacts_dir=\\ccnet\Work_Dir\Artifacts\my_project
echo *****************************************
echo Please type in the version to deploy:
echo *****************************************
set /p version_number=
echo *****************************************
echo Starting to deploy %version_number%
echo *****************************************
if  "%version_number%"=="" goto help


call jagtool -local delete Package:MyPackage
call jagtool -local deploy -type jagjar -jagjartype Package  %artifacts_dir%\%version_number%\jar\MyPackage.jar


exit /b

echo You need to specify the version to deploy


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