1st day of using Git

When I was trying to review my patch to Fluent NHibernate of supporting StoreProc, I realized that FN has moved to GitHub, Oh well, time to learn something newer. At the end of day, I found it’ s not easy as I expected, even I already have been working on Svn for 1+ year.

Here are some terrible experience in my 1st day.

Where is TortoiseGit? The command line tool of git is awful, how can I prompt it to my team? I was completely lost at Git Gui.

As the document said, after ‘git init’ I should be able to do a ‘git clone’ same as ‘svn checkout’, but I couldn’t find it in Git Gui.

Ok, switch to command line then, which I hate it so much, type in ‘git clone git://github.com/jagregory/fluent-nhibernate.git’, it’s starting download process… done, the code is not in the folder where I pop-up the git bash, it’s in default path! C: or I:, what ever you got when you open the windows command window, next time I will pay more attention to the place when I pop-up git bash.

There must be a command to switch path, anyway, I got the code already, will figure this out later.


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