Upgrade Map for Nextar W3G GPS

Ref http://www.chinasmile.net/forums/showthread.php?t=441154

  1. Install ActiveSync on PC
  2. Connect GPS to PC, rename \ResidentFlash\DShell\DShell.exe to something else.
  3. Hard boot GPS, unit should come to WinCE mode.
  4. Download and extract MioPocket to SD card, follow the instruction.
  5. Plug SD card into GPS, MioPocket should start auto installation.
  6. Download iGO app from eMule, make sure you have the voice file.
  7. Download iGO maps from bt site (piratebay), replace content folder.
  8. Plug SD card to install iGO.
  9. Done. You sure can create a shortcut for iGO on WinCE desktop.

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