NServiceBus, WCF and WebService

NServiceBus is not a replacement for WCF, but the only way to host NServiceBus process is through NServiceBus.host.exe, instead of IIS or WAS.

Those message handlers are automatically wired up by NServiceBus.host.exe, you don’t want to do it by yourself by code at WCF server side.

NServiceBus process can be exposed as WCF service, as shown in the WcfIntegration sample app, the endpoint is set in app.config:

<add baseAddress=”http://localhost:9009/services/cancelOrder&#8221; />

The only method in this WCF service is process().

What’s the reason to do this instead of client send the message by itself?

Maybe, for some reason, the client, including web server, can not talk to MSMQ directly, by calling a WCF service, the WCF service can send the message on client’s request.

The WCFIntegration sample in NSB codebase is combining the message sending and processing in the same project, kind of confuse.

In WebServiceBridge sample, this is a little bit clear, so called bridge between client and NSB message processor, as it demonstrated.


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