My 1st NSB app


  • DBA doesn’t want to check db scripts into our sourcecontrol, they insist to work on their own networking sharing folder.
  • must kick off whenever db script folder has been changed, to check if the new or modified script breaks the build.
  • Nightly database build is kind of late, because the build result can only be known next day morning. Build-on-folder-modification should be a better solution.
  • Some kind of folder monitor system should be introduced. (Code can be found on )
  • URL trigger is the best candidate to build-trigger until we find some kind of API for
  • I had to set the build condition to force instead of the default IfModificationExists, otherwise keep ignoring the build even the html file indeed is modified by BuildTrigger AC.
  • Use NSB to loosely couple the folder monitor and build trigger services, (2 ACs), I realized the benefit of deploying any of them without effect the other during the NSB experiment, a very flexible and reliable approach.




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