Transform NCover xml output on TeamCity

Comparing to, there is no xml/xlst transaformation in teamcity, or I still haven’t found how to do it yet. The NCover HTML report will be displayed in iframe of a tabpage.

TeamCity recommend using NUnit2 for NAnt users, I tried adding runtime redirect in test config  file, no go, and I don’t like this messy work around either.

So using exec task for NUnit, passing server message to teamcity as shown in NCover official doc for TeamCity integration.

One thing hit me is that the output folder must be set to {}, other folder doesn’t bring html result to tabpage, instead teamcity will display an auto-gened index.html with one line warning message:

This is an autogenerated index file (there was no index.html found in the generated report).
The coverage xml ouput is automatically included in artifact, watch out the hidden/show link.
Be default .teamcity folder is hidden, click show link, it should appear like this:
The idea of this is to allow user open xml in NCover client, or do xlst transformation by their own?
In XML report processing plugin, there is no report type related to NCover.

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