My 1st iOS app is on AppStore now

It’s called iGameTimer2. I messed up the bundle name at first time, had to delete it and start over, then apple told me iGameTimer complain that iGameTimer is already in use. They did warn me when I was trying to delete the old bundle, the app name will stay there for ever, even after I delete it.

OK, I had to call it iGameTimer2 when re-applying for bundle. Whatever.

I can’t believe it that there is no time related screen saver, or kind of prent control tool in iOS. So I created this app using local notification to simulate the screen locker. It is gift for my 6-year-old smart son, who is a master to all the games on my iPad, and won’t stop playing them unless I physically took it away from him.

This won’t happy any more, here is the tool for him, for both of us. Here is the link for my first iOS app.

Tweet me @_Frank_Mao to get a promo code for it, you have to use iTunes to redeem it,


2 thoughts on “My 1st iOS app is on AppStore now

  1. Even the screen is ‘locked’ by game timer, you can still be able to delete app. It’s very hard, but can be done. Do it fast in the intervals of alert popup.

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