We are looking for the 3rd party access management product, one of the requirements is STS support. Here is the procedure how to create a test STS client:

  1. Download WIF runtime and the WIF SDK – http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/dd440951.aspx
  2. Create a new MVC Project in VS 2010
  3. On the project right-click, select “Add STS reference” and follow the same wizard steps as the WebForms application. (to add the WIF information to web.config file.)
  4. Set the app pool to be able to load user profile in advanced settings panel.
  5. Create self-signed SSL, make certificate accessable by app pool, as descirbed in https://identity.thinktecture.com/download/startersts/v1/StarterSTS_InitialSetup.wmv
  6. DO NOT use “Add deployable dependencies” on MVC project when deploying webapp, otherwise the deployed webapp will be redirected back to /account/login from STS.

After tested with the local STS, we tried to switch to StarterSTS – http://startersts.codeplex.com/ as the 2nd test STS, then we can’t figured out how to add the customized claim type  into user profiles, claim type format like “http://schemas.myorg.ca/2011/10/OrganizationId”. Even though, the tutorial from startersts is still great helpful, http://identity.thinktecture.com/download/starterSTS/v1/StarterSTS_FederatingWebApps.wmv
Other useful tools like STSFederationMetadataEditor can be used to edit the WS-Federation of the STS on the fly.


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