Apple TV, AirPlay

I need to do an iOS dev presentation this weekend at a local user group, one problem to solve is to connect my iPad to their projector. I know there is iPad to VGA or HDMI cable, cost about $40-50, Apple TV seems a much better solution, AirPlay should solve the problem easily.

Hook up AppleTV to my receiver is easy, only wifi password basically. I need to turn on the iTunes Home sharing feature on my MacMini, then on AppleTV I can see that shared iTunes library. Surprised Apple requests AppleID to turn home sharing on, all info save on their server?

Watched a few trailers, Hunger Games, AV quality is awesome. My daughter quickly took it over and starting watch youtube on AppleTV.

One annoying limitation for Youtube on AppleTV is no Chinese input, so can’t search Youtube with Chinese titles. Solution is login with youtube id, then can play youtube playlist created on somewhere else.

Remote control for AppleTV is cute, but too small for my hand, download the app called remote for my iPad, I can then control AppleTV on iPad. It’s good for playing music without turn on real TV.

About AirPlay, not many apps support this feature yet. Photos is one of them, but not Videos! Some people end up with converting their powerpoint file to separated images to be able to play on project through AirPlay.

Luckily, I have a iPad2. Turn on AirPlay mirroring feature on it and everything shows on iPad can be outputted to TV. Cool!

The app I developed, including iClip and maodou, are using iOS native media player, AirPlay doesn’t have any problem. But one of the app I purchased called OPlayer, AirPlay only works for the sound. no video. I had to back to another app called streamtome to play those non-h264 videos on my computer.


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