Invalid Product Id?

I’ve re-visited this same blog post again and again at least 10 times since I started iOS developing, every time with different answer, to save me search time in the future, I quoted the list here and added my 2 cents for how to solve invalid-product-id problem.

List from Troy:

  • Have you enabled In-App Purchases for your App ID?
  • Have you checked Cleared for Sale for your product?
  • Have you submitted (and optionally rejected) your application binary? (I don’t think this is necessary, in fact, after you submit, you can add new product into the app anymore)
  • Does your project’s .plist Bundle ID match your App ID?  (This is what I got today, App ID and bundle ID were created by another guy)
  • Have you generated and installed a new provisioning profile for the new App ID? (got me 2 times)
  • Have you configured your project to code sign using this new provisioning profile? (got me 1 time)
  • Are you building for iPhone OS 3.0 or above?
  • Are you using the full product ID when when making an SKProductRequest? (got me 1 time)
  • Have you waited several hours since adding your product to iTunes Connect? (got me 1 time)
  • Are your bank details active on iTunes Connect? (via Mark)
  • Have you tried deleting the app from your device and reinstalling? (via Hector, S3B, Alex O, Joe, and Alberto) (This solved my problem 3 times)
  • Is your device jailbroken? If so, you need to revert the jailbreak for IAP to work. (via oh my god, Roman, and xfze)


My suggestions:

  1. Test listing product from simulator first, then move on to device. Ensure product id is OK.
  2. Uninstall can fix the problem happened on device most of time.
  3. Delay on new created product happens, at least to me 2 times, but not always, check your local settings carefully following the list above.
  4. Once old product id being removed, the new product id still can not conflict with the old id, it’s a soft delete in Apple’s system.
  5. Don’t bother auto-renewable subscription product, unless your are building a newsstand/magazine app.
  6. Don’t be too greedy on consumable in-app purchase product, start small, you can add big one in later version. Apple is very strict on those coin-like products.

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