Sharing internet connection with VMWare guest

  1. Network adapter must set to host only (NAT/Bridge won’t work).
  2. On host, control panel->network and sharing center ->change adapter settings, pick the regular ‘Local Area Connection’, rename the other ‘Local Area Connection 2’ used by VMWare hosting to ‘VMWare Host Network’ for clarification. Right click on Local Area Connection, select sharing tab, allow sharing internet connection with ‘VMWare Host Network’. Note: ip address on VMWare Host Network will change to something like
  3. Stop VMware DHCP Service at service panel, set this service to manual startup type.
  4. Reboot guest. After reboot, guest should get a new ip in 192.168.137 subnet.
  5. Set http proxy in guest in necessary. Note: in RubyMine, svn has it’s own http settings tab.