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ActiveRecord doesn’t support SP, yet.

No choice, we have to go with NHibernate now. Even Roy did have a solution for this, but we SP need both old and new values. How could AR get those old values? Also, I am scared to choose a non-popular solution.

During testing AR, I encountered some issues like:

An association from the table XXX refers to an unmapped class: YYY

Later I figured out I need initialize all the related classes in my unit test setup.

public void Setup()
IConfigurationSource source = ActiveRecordSectionHandler.Instance;

ActiveRecordStarter.Initialize(source, typeof(AA), typeof(ClassRealtedToAA));


Another problem is, this intilalize can only run once in test case. How can I start anther unit-test? How to reset or destroy? Clean up.

Again, running unit-test against database is not a good idea, even it’s a test db.