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Smart Comment on XP-Dev

Just found out this feature yesterday and really loving it, XP-Dev rocks.

For some reason, the trac hoop on my svn repository doesn’t work as the doc stated. Those ticket/bug has no changes at all after my svn commit.

Switched the svn repository back to the XP-dev project tracking system, it worked like a magician! It even support adding time through svn comment, cool!

Performing Actions on Artifacts using Commit Messages

  • There are two actions that are supported:
    • Closing artifacts
      To close an artifact, you need to specify the phrase {closes|close|closed|fixes|fix|fixed} #<id> somewhere in your commit message.
      Examples: Move image to footer. Closes #29 or Fixed #40 – add a synchronised block
    • Adding hours to artifacts
      To add hours to an artifact, you need to specify the phrase #<id> add <hours>h
      Examples: Managed to get the form working again, #21 add 1.5h
  • You can combine the two above to close and add hours to artifacts simultaneously.
    Examples: Use red for the background. Closes #49 add 0.3h will close artifact #49 and add 0.3 hours to it.