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WPF ListView Control

We build framework, you build application.

This should be the motto for Microsoft, and any framework provider. But thing is different in WPF world, try google how many people are working so hard to make ListView header click sortable.

I don’t like code behind, the classic event hook up isn’t a clean solution at all. There are a few smart guys using attached property to implement this sort feature, xaml can be much simpler, and we can slowly build our own WPF framewrok extension. (?)

The idea can be found from this post, but the attached source code are missing, this post uses same technology with full version of source code. In fact, I think Thomas’ solution is better, he is using a technique called Adorner, which is cleaner than the other one using switching template. The only part I don’t like is the extra GridViewSort.PropertyName in his xmal to set the sorting property name. Why not just use the native binding name? like this:

propertyName = ((System.Windows.Data.Binding)headerClicked.Column.DisplayMemberBinding).Path.Path;

That’s for click-header-sorting.

How about double-click to trigger event/command in view model? Check this post.

Is there an open source project somewhere called WPF contrib? Yes, check out the WPF tool kit on codeplex, at least the click-header-sorting is supported, including some other fancy feature, such as the alternate row color.