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Ruby project management

I was coding ruby for the past few days, RubyMine 1.1 released means my free evaluation period finished. Because I just code ruby for fun,  $400+ doesn’t make sense to me. Had to switch back to the free NetBeans 5.7.1.

(I still use SciTe on my slow laptop as Ruby IDE, and it’s a very handy lightweight editor, the only thing drove me crazy is switch between editing file can also change the current path of shell, I’m tired of adding and removing ‘test/’  before my rb file. I could use absolute path, but is there any better solution?)

Fortunately, NetBeans also supports subversion. At first I wasn’t happy with the way it forced me to create a default project structure, e.g., all source code supposed be in /lib/ folder, which obviously is an industry standard, but I missed that part.

Another good thing is that NetBeans created a standard Rakefile at the root folder. Simplely throw all my test rb files into /test/ folder, running “rake test”, I got my local build script!

Why didn’t RubyMine create this?

Mock in Ruby, I end up with using Mocha as my mock framework because I still on test:unitest mode. But gem install won’t bring the mocha rb into my ruby search path, had to manually copy mocha into my site_ruby folder, woala, it works.

Recently I found the book The Ruby Way 2nd edition is very good book, but I badly need a book can cover some ruby project management p&p.

Currently I’m the only developer to my ruby project, CI might be overkill, but someday I will need it. I’m supprised that CruiseControl.rb isn’t that popular in ruby community, so many choices, Hudson, cerberus, etc, including CruiseControl.net. I know this is an open/free teamcity ci server somewhere, can it support ruby project?