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A Rhino Bug: Stub property back to default

Somebody meationed this on Rhino group, I actually got the same problem, but I didn’t realize it’s caused by setting another property which happens in my eventhandler.

Ayende said he already fixed this problem, but how come I still get it? Even tried the latest one from the downloaded page. So I had to try my first svn checkout. Everything went smoothly, unless a little bit diffifcult in setting proxy, because I’m behind a firewall. Tortoise svn can’t read this info from IE.

Before svn ready, I tried downloading the tarball, nant didn’t work, at lease not completely success, because AssemblyInfo.cs gegeranted failure due to the absence of _revision.xml. Result is, the Rhino.Mock.dll I build has not version number.

After my svn proxy setting done, I did a new checkout, command line nant, then got this newly official-released-like dll: Assembly version :, File/Product version: (What’s the real meaning of those kinds of versions? Why they are different?)

Any finally, my test based on stub passed. It was a problem when using RhinoMocks, file version: I think I got that version from 3.5RC, the stupid thing of mine is, my project reference is pointing to somewhere wrong, then all my later updates didn’t reach it unitl now.