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First day with SVN

As Pragmatic Version Control using Subversion suggested, I tried to move my source code from /src to /trunk/src in SF’s svn repository. It turned out thing was not that easy. Rapidsvn was not rapid at this at all, it kept popping-up a message input window for every item. When my rev number reached to 86 (I started from 20), I found the command line can finish this operation in seconds with a -m (-message) switch.

Also, I still could not figure out how to add new objects into repository. Couldn’t use import for add new because it always stopped at the exist one, then all the commit were roll backed. (A new feature call atomic submit?)

I had to delete the exist objects from my work folder then re-do an import. There should be a way to easily add. RapidSVN’s online help said by turning flat mode on I can right click on new object then do a ‘Add’. All the objects shown to me are from remote repository, where can I see my local ones?

Tortoisesvn is very user friendly, it’s not that slow compare to rapidsvn, but is not suitable to PowerBuilder because PB object is not a flat file. Having two different svn clients on my machine also made me confused, tortoisesvn said objects have been added in, but rapidsvn said not yet. ???

I think command line might be the safest way to work with svn, especially for tag (actually is copy in svn) and move.

My PowerUnit’s rank jumped to 2400 something from 25K with only 8 new downloads last night.

Powerbuilder work with SVN, CVS on SourceForge

I spent a few hours yesterday trying to let PowerBuilder work with CVS on SourceForge, lots of configuration drove me crazy. :pserver for anonymous, :ext for developer, etc…

Finally, I realized in WinCVS I should use :ssh instead of :ext to login as myself, same as PushOK CVS SCC plogin for PB. Shortly, another problem came to me: the version of PushOK CVS SCC I downloaded is too high for SourceSafe! I supposed to get 1.XX not 2.XX!

No hesitate, I switched to SVN. So simple to connect, only https:! And the speed was like flying, compare to CVS. I turned off the CVS option on my page then, no wonder.

One thing shocked me is, every check in from PowerBuilder to SVN will rise the rev number, within 20 minutes, my rev number on SF reached to 10. Need to find a way to do tag, or label, or something like that. The PushOK proxy seems doesn’t give me too many options.

Meanwhile, I downloaded RapidSVN, another file based GUI for SVN, didn’t figure out how to tag yet.