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Keyword expandsion

My post started a very interesting discuss on Alt.net newsgroup. It turns out I am still living in Jurassic. Anyway, I managed to enable this standard header for cs file to take advantage of this Keyword Expansion feature in VSS.

* $Author: $
* $Modtime: $
* $History: $

I had to set the file type in admin console to enable this feature.

My dinosaur live could become a little bit easier. I am about to relax then, until I found that TFS already obsoleted this function. Shock! Jurassic back to dark.


Moving to TFS

Our current VSS works fine, but we are going to move to TFS anyway. The reasons are:

  1. VSS has no permission configuration, a developer can change any work item in source repository.
  2. VSS has no policy. Like code review before check in.
  3. VSS is slow. No real server behind.

But, the test result on TFS is good as we expected.

  1. No sharing anymore.
    We figured out Microsoft is trying to promote Branching and Merging instead of simple sharing. So our cooperation code will need 3branches at least: one for DEV, one for Acceptance, and one for Production/Release. All other projects will branch the latest version of Production/Release. Until the cooperation code is merging (for us, it’s just a deploy or copying) into the Acceptance/Production/Release branch, outside developer won’t see those unstable/untested code. Fine, I like this idea. Bye bye, sharing.
  2. Explore client.
    This is the new client for developer. If developer’s machine already has VisualStudio installed, it will become a plugin, otherwise it’s a standalone application looks like VisualStudio, but only TFS view in it.
  3. MSSCCI provider.
    It’s needed for PB developing. For orcascript, I had to modify registry to shorten the string name, because Orcascript only can handle 34 chars in SCC name. Thanks to Ronarld Smith’s post.

    scc set connect property provider “Microsoft Team Foundation Server”
    scc set connect property userid “DomainName\LoginId”
    scc set connect property project “$/ProjectName”
    scc set connect property auxproject “http://tfs-servername:portnumber”
    scc set connect property localprojpath “C:\work_dir\”
    scc set connect property logfile “buildfromsource.log”
    scc set connect property logappend false

  4. Dreamweaver.
    Doesn’t support.
  5. EClipse.
    There is a plugin develped by TeamPrise. Not free.
  6. Slow Refresh in PowerBuilder.
    It seems this is a big problem for those PB+TFS developers, for me it’s 4 times slower than VSS. Why?
  7. CC.net plugin.
    It’s available. Check the help file in CC.net.
    Watch out the wrong example there: