YouTrack Gotcha

LDAP integration

Our ldap connection string is something like ldap://dcxx:389/DC=domain,DC=gov,DC=ds, a little bit different than the example givenĀ ldap://xxx:389/cn=users,dc=domain,dc=com

Also, needs to enable user registration via registration page, otherwise ldap user cannot login.

By default, newuser (All Users) group already has admin role added in, so ensure you remove it before allow ldap user login, otherwise all new users will be admin!

TeamCity integration

New YoutTrack project code must be added in TeamCity Tracking module, otherwise issue tab does not show in teamcity build dashboard.

The way YouTrack link to TeamCity is not by userid or name, instead it is by email address. It’s strange our YouTrack can grab email from our ldap server, while TeamCity can’t! This leaves the email field in user project empty in teamcity. When we try to use comments command, the error message was, user not found, no email specified for user (commiter).

Command in Comments

Comment format: your own comment. #PROJECT_ID-1 state Fixed

Watch out, don’t add .(dot) after fixed.

more command example:

Project assignee

Newly created project doesn’t have any team member in it, the result is when trying to assign a issue, error message just kept saying assignee expected.